A young man, name undisclosed, is getting worried over his one-way dreams with a mystery lady he had a one-night stand with at a club.

Seeking advice from readers, he revealed that he is constantly having sex in his dreams with the lady since their meeting.

Narrating how all his girlfriends have broken up with him owing to his every-night predicament, the embattled young man penned down his full story.

In his words: “Good day, pls post and keep me anonymous. I went for a friend’s party nearby and surprisingly I met one sweet girl. I was even happy I saw her because it was beginning to get boring for me. My friend and I followed for the party was already high and he entered one corner with a girl, so I was kind of lonely, pressing phone and just looking at different beautiful yanshes while my Tom boy was getting hard on his own accord.

“We sat down and drank, soon I started feeling the music the deejay was blasting. She told me to come join her in the pool that she wants to swim, I refused and stood by it because I know that my Tom boy will disgrace me last last. She went in alone, came out and started twerking on my boy. This girl is bomb.”

“I mean she got the beauty and the curves to make a man empty his bank account. Next she started touching my boy, I was getting too charged and me I am not a slacker, so my finger just found his way to her pun. She asked if my house was far, I said yes but I drove. That was how we went to my car and had the best S3x yet!”

“Although it was raw because no condoms at that moment (don’t judge). After that night, I have never set my eyes on her again, We never exchanged numbers and I would want a rematch or possibly date her. I have never set my eyes on her again but I see her in my dreams having s3x with me every night,” he said.

It’s been four months now, I get wet dreams every night and I wake up wet. I always look forward to sleeping at night because I know I must see her and we must have s3x M in my dreams which is usually sweet.

“Problem is it’s been 4 months now and I see her every night in my dreams, I wake up wet all over with my Soren splashed on my bed. Three girls have broken up with me because of it, so I am getting bothered now. I no longer enjoy S3x with another girl. Is this love or punishment. How do I find someone from internet. I don’t even know her full name. She told me her name is dear. Pls help.”


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