Man donates his body to UNZA for research

IN WESTERN countries, it is common for people to donate bodies to universities for research.

It is estimated that in America alone, about 20,000 people donate their bodies to science for research, while in the United Kingdom the figures are estimated to be around 700.

In Africa, particularly Zambia, such gestures are unheard of but one Zambian man, Mr James Mwee, has joined the list of donors.

In an interview with the Sunday Mail, Mr Mwee said he could be the only man in Zambia who has donated his body for research to the University of Zambia (UNZA).

He said he donated his body to UNZA in 1997 and they accepted it.

Today, Mr Mwee is in his 70s and says the university usually calls him just to greet him and find out how he is doing.

Whether it’s a genuine greeting or it is the institution just checking on the status of their donation, it is for management to tell. -Zambia Daily Mail


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