Man drives car fueled by vegetable oil from Gaza to Egypt


Ibrahim AlAgha, a man from Ireland and Palestine, has been talking to the BBC for the last month while stuck in Gaza.

Today, he sent a message to say he was safely taken to Cairo through the Rafah crossing. He will soon fly back to Dublin with his wife Hamida and their three children who were born in Dublin.

The trip to the border was hard. He says it was very costly to find a driver willing to take them there.

The driver said he put a mix of vegetable oil in the diesel car because there’s not enough fuel in Gaza. “Ibrahim said it stank, but it was fine. ” “They combine it with other oils and it works well. ”

Ibrahim’s children sat in the trunk with the suitcase while he, his wife, her parents, and his brother sat in the front seats.

When they arrived at the border, they went into Egypt and waited for 11 hours to be checked by the officials.

“When I left Palestine and came to Egypt, I was crying because everyone’s lives are in danger and I was also thinking about all the good times in the city that has been destroyed,” he says. “Saying goodbye was really, really sad. “


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