Man gets back with partner who chopped off his pen!s


A Brazillian man has returned to his partner who chopped off his penis during a supposed intimate night after she found out he cheated with her teenage relative.

Gilberto Nogueira, 39, was planning to settle down with his girlfriend, Daiane dos Santos, 34, in January when he cheated on her with her 15-year-old niece.

After discovering the affair, dos Santos plotted her revenge by setting up one of their bedrooms for a supposed intimate night in December 2023.

Once Nogueira was in bed without his clothes, dos Santos turned off the lights and tied his penis with a rubber band before she cut it with a razor.

Dos Santos held the penis with her hand and took a picture of it, which she shared on Nogueira’s family WhatsApp chat group, and then flushed it down the toilet at their farmhouse in São Paulo.

Nogueira has undergone multiple operations and is waiting for a penile prosthesis that was gifted by a urologist and will be implanted once he has recovered.

In a February interview with Crime and Mistério S/A, he said that dos Santos, who has two children from a prior relationship, deserved to spend time in jail and he labelled her ‘a criminal.’

It now appears he’s had a change of heart and has resumed the tumultuous relationship with dos Santos, according to letters Nogueira recently shared with O Globo newspaper.

‘If I hadn’t had sex with (her) niece on my partner’s birthday, none of this would have happened,’ Nogueira told the outlet. ‘Daiane is a wonderful, loving woman who loves me. She didn’t deserve to be betrayed like that.

She was exposed to the whole country. … I don’t care what others think. What really matters is how I feel about her.’

He reached out to check on her well-being on March 15 and was surprised when dos Santos replied two weeks later and asked for a second chance.

In the handwritten note, dos Santos expressed how much he missed him, his daughter, and her children and described her experience at the Mogi Guaçu Women’s Penitentiary.

‘I can’t believe I got a letter from you. I was very happy and had no reaction, as I imagined I would never have any kind of contact with you again,’ she wrote. ‘I’m not well, obviously. Both because of what happened and because I miss my children.’

‘I want you to know that I forgive you and I also ask for forgiveness for you and your family,’ Dos Santos added. ‘I placed our lives in God’s hands. If it is His will, and His, of course, we will rebuild our lives when we leave here.’

Nogueira responded by telling her he had already forgiven her while admitting that he ‘ruined everything’ once he got involved with her niece.

‘If I could, believe me, I would trade places with you, because I love you far beyond the tragedy that happened in our lives,’ he wrote. ‘My heart is broken into pieces because your children are separated, away from their mother, asking for you every day.’

While working on mending his relationship with dos Santos, Nogueira has been attempting to recover the trust he broke with his sister-in-law, the mother of the teenage girl who is not too enthused they are now back together.

Dos Santos was initially looking at a 50-year prison sentence for attempted murder, as prosecutors said in court documents that it was ‘clear that she wanted to mutilate him to make him incapable of having sexual relations with anyone for the rest of his life.’

The court acknowledged the prosecution statement and reduced the maximum sentence dos Santos may be eligible for to 12 years.

Nogueira has offered to pay $8,000 to cover the cost of her defence team. The start of her trial is set for April 24.

‘Today, I’m going to tell you what’s going on in my heart. I want you to get out of there as soon as possible to take care of your children and me,’ he wrote. ‘I’m counting down the days until you come home. On the day that Justice frees you, know that I will be at the gate waiting for you with open arms.’


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