Man heartbroken as his father marries side chic months after his mother’s death

Black Man Crying

A white man named Scott Millen shared a deeply personal story about his father’s remarriage less than a year after his mother’s passing to his longtime side chic.

Scott’s mother, Marcia Hanson, had tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer in October 2022 after a brave battle.
However, during her final days in the hospital, Scott’s father chose to elope with the woman he had been secretly dating.

He revealed that on that very day, his father and the same girlfriend whom he had been involved with while his mother was suffering, tied the knot.

In his tweet, Scott paid tribute to his mother, Marcia Hanson, praising her resilience and dignity despite her husband’s unfaithfulness.

He expressed his sorrow over the loss of his mother, followed by his father’s decision to enter into a new marriage so soon after her passing.

He wrote;

“Mom died in Oct. last year, Dad married today his longtime girlfriend, the woman he ran with while my mom pined for him as pancreatic cancer killed her.

“They were married until the day she died, now he is married again. Tonight, a toast to Mom, Marcia Hanson, she existed.”


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