By Rhodah Mvula
A 31 year old man has been sentenced to three years imprisonment with hard labor for defaming President, Edgar Lungu on a phone in program on Millennium radio on 28th March 2019.
Fred Manya has been sentenced by Lusaka Magistrate, Lameck Mwale after being found guilty of the said offence.

Magistrate Mwale said the prosecution team had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.
Earlier in his defense, Manya had told Magistrate Mwale that he was not the one who made the call to the radio station but his friend who he stays with.
He said his friend whom he identified as Aaron Zimba had borrowed his phone to make a call to someone as he had no talk time on his phone

Manya said Zimba got his phone and went outside while he remained in bed, later Zimba came back after about 30 minutes.
In this matter, Fred Manya was facing one count of defaming President Edgar Lungu.


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