Man spared jail time after stealing Wizard of Oz slippers


The man who claimed to have stolen Judy Garland’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz will not be imprisoned.

Terry Jon Martin, who is 76 years old, admitted in October that he stole an important piece of artwork.

His lawyers had requested no jail time and made an agreement for the time he has already spent in jail.

Martin confessed to stealing the slippers because an old friend from a criminal group convinced him to do it for one final big job in 2005.

During a court meeting in Minnesota, the former criminal didn’t show any feelings when the punishment was given. He couldn’t stand up from his chair after the meeting, as reported by the Associated Press.

Martin, who was in jail for stealing things, is now getting special care in hospice. His lawyers say he might only have six months to live.

The ruby slippers were stolen from a museum in Minnesota in 2005, when someone broke in through a window at night.

Martin’s lawyer, Dane DeKrey, asked for mercy in a letter last week. He said that Martin hasn’t done anything wrong in almost 10 years since getting out of prison.

However, someone who used to be in the mob contacted him and persuaded him to steal the slippers. The slippers were borrowed by the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

At first, Terry said no to joining the illegal job. DeKrey wrote that old habits are hard to change, and the idea of a ‘final score’ kept him awake at night.

Martin confessed to breaking the glass of the museum door and display case with a heavy hammer to steal the slippers, which were insured for $1 million.

He said he wanted to sell the rubies from the slippers, but he found out they were made of glass and got rid of them a few days later.

Martin said he never watched the Wizard of Oz movie and doesn’t know why the slippers are important in our culture.

He didn’t get in trouble for the crime until 13 years later. The FBI found the slippers and arrested him after a man offered to help the insurer get them back.

At least five sets of ruby slippers worn by Garland in the movie are still around.


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