Manchester police express remorse for removing hostage poster

A missing poster - unrelated to the incidents in Manchester and north London - seen on a postbox in central London earlier this month

In the UK, More noteworthy Manchester Police has said it laments any offense caused after online entertainment pictures seemed to show its officials pulling down banners of Israelis who are being kept prisoner by Hamas.

Colleague Boss Constable Wasim Chaudhry said “we share concerns raised in regards to the expulsion of banners in the North Manchester region and can affirm an examination is in progress”.

The banners have been set up around the nation, and follow a format seen across the world. They show the names and faces of the 240 prisoners held by Hamas shooters.

Other web-based entertainment film showed Metropolitan Cops eliminating hijacked banners from the front of a drug store in north London.

In a proclamation the Met said “we thoroughly comprehend the worries raised, however we accept the officials were acting sincerely”.

It said it eliminated them to forestall any heightening as it accepted the banners had been placed on the drug store “as a counter” for remarks made on the web.

Adam Ma’anit from Brighton – whose 18-year-old cousin Maayan was killed, and her dad Tsachi seized – said the police conduct was “sad”.

“My cousin’s face is on those banners,” he said.

“He needed to watch his little girl killed. We simply need to bring him home. It seems like an additional affront to have the banners with his face pulled down in the city of the UK.”


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