Mandela’s dilapidated and abandoned home


Ten years after Nelson Mandela, a famous person who fought against apartheid, passed away, a South African TV station called eNCA went to the house where he lived before he died. They found that the house had been left empty and was not in good condition.

Famous people like Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama visited former President Mandela at his house in Houghton, Johannesburg.

On Friday, they showed parts of the run-down home, like the garden covered in weeds and the dusty ceiling in the bedroom where Mandela passed away.

Mandela’s grandchildren used to live in the house, but they had to leave because the city turned off the electricity because Mandela’s trust didn’t pay the bills. eNCA told the media.

“I left because my family trust was causing problems. ” Mandela’s grandson, Mbuso Mandela, said that we had to keep asking the trustees to pay the water and electricity bills. He moved out around 2019.

Some people in South Africa are very sad and upset on social media. They want Mandela’s family and the government to fix up his old house to remember and honor him.

The Johannesburg home where Mandela first lived after he was released from prison has been turned into a fancy hotel called Sanctuary Madiba. It is very different from how it used to be.


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