Manhunt for gunman in Switzerland after two fatal shootings in Sion


Police in Switzerland are looking for a person who shot and killed two people and injured another in the town of Sion.

Police in Valais region said that on Monday, there were gunshots fired at two different places.

A woman was murdered in a parking lot around 7:00 am, and a man was also killed a few minutes later.

The person suspected of a crime, Sébastien Robin, is considered to be a threat and the police advise not to go near him.

“Police in Valais said they found out that the person who did it knew the people he hurt. They don’t know why it happened yet. ”

The service got a call at 07:15 about someone getting hurt in a parking lot on Rue Oscar-Bider.

The woman was shot and died, the statement said.

“A little while later, a man was killed by a bullet, and a woman was hurt by a gunshot. ”

Gunshots were heard at the Sarosa painting company in the Ronquoz and Potences areas, according to the local newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

The person who is 36 years old and is suspected of something was last spotted driving a grey Peugeot 206 convertible car.

The police have put barriers on the roads around Valais to stop the person believed to be the shooter from leaving the country.

Sion is a town near the borders of Italy and France. There are a lot of police in the town, and they have officers with guns at the places where the crimes happened.

Local lawyers are looking into a murder. Switzerland is a country with about nine million people and a lot of people own guns.

Small Arms Survey is a group in Switzerland that keeps track of how many guns civilians have. They say there are about 2. 3 million guns owned by civilians around the world.


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