By Jackson Chabala Mwewa Junior

Mansa has recorded a sad story today where the head teacher at a named secondary school has been brutally beaten by a new teacher after a spat which started as a joke.

According to information available, a man identified as Jackson Siwale, 33, a new teacher, and Malama Kennedy, 52, head teacher at the school in question fought amidst the morning briefing.

The turn out of teachers was so poor, the matter that propelled the head teacher to call for a short briefing specifically to urge teachers to take work seriously. The briefing was unfolding well and considering the fact that few teachers were in school, the diplomats found it very convenient and aired their grievances to the head teacher.

Mostly, they were asking for stationery as they prepare for mock exams. The head teacher looked unconcerned and advised them to prepare tests which they shall manage to write on the board as the school has no money.
This was when Mr. Siwale, who once taught at a Convent School and later joined a new college as lecturer until he was deployed last year said the school needed to be serious.

“You cannot joke with exams, that is why learners fail terribly here,” he added.
The head teacher just looked him at said, “the joke is your suit. You do not know your size? Just keep quiet and wait for your confirmation.”
The teachers in the meeting turned to look at Mr. Siwale, for sure, the jacket and trousers were modified to fit the tiny body. The shoes appeared to be oversize too. No one could old the laughter. Everyone laughed irritably including the head teacher.
It was a cold wind that stopped the laughter. The head teacher was on the floor. Mr. Siwale, who is believed to be a martial art instructor, span on the table and gifted the head teacher the legendary kick.

Teachers rose and reached for the head teacher. But the angry Siwale did not let anyone stand in the way. He grabbed one teacher, headbutted him and gave another two punches until the left the head teacher alone.

The head was then on his feet. He tried his young days tricks and punches but this was no match to Siwale, the martial art instructor. He continually kicked the head teacher until he was confined in the corner with his chin resting on Mr. Siwale’s shoe. I can kill you sir! Mr. Siwale continued to shout respectfully.

Meanwhile, after Mr. Siwale walked out of the staffroom, Mr. Malama collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he is being attended to.
Who is wrong here? S


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