UPND Consultant, Mark Simuuwe


By Mark Simuuwe

My cousin Sishuwa Sishuwa, the Judiciary head is the Chief Justice not the President. Judges have security of tenure ; they are not like civil servants . There is no cherry-picking as you are assuming .

For avoidance of doubt , you said some judges were HH appointees – yes that is legal . HH is president and those are his powers to appoint. But they were also ratified by PF and other opposition members of parliament to sit at various courts and thus qualify by ratification by the National Assembly .

That is what the law requires. And when they preside over matters whether involving PF or not , they are employed exactly to handle all matters without you questioning why they are handling them .

Secondly, the testimony by KBF on Prime Tv that PF was meeting Judges at night is not a description of UPND way of running government. PF and UPND are not the same fundamentally.

So you want the opposition to continue running the Judiciary the way they were doing it even when they are out of power ? Or you want the Chief Justice to assign cases based on what Socialist party thinks ? No cousin, wake up ! You can do better .

You have so many cases involving opposition members and those who served under ECL which have gone in favour of the ECL team ; be fair with yourself . Accept that the judiciary is now functioning accordingly.

If UPND or HH are involved , you think most of the opposition conmen could have been on the street walking freely after dirty Mukula deals and ghost workers , inflated prices of purchased goods supplied to government under previous leadership , even so many offences for which those appearing before court have been charged , could have been the way they are moving ?

Most of them could have been in by now .

The problem is that you are stereotyped by PF / Socilaist party way of running things and you now think people reason the same way .

This is what happens; When you are a thief ; you start thinking everyone is a thief . Then you start procrastinating.

Certainly, it is known that the guys in Socialist party are the same PF members and they will never change . What we saw under PF leadership is what they are . They have simply jumped from Zambezi river into Luapula river . They are the same bubble fish . They cannot think beyond what they were doing and what we saw before 2021 .


    • Who what where and how?
      Mark has responded point by point to Sishuwa’s prose.
      Besides go to the High Court. See how cases are alloted to Judges. See if Judges or anyone other than the Judicary is involved in the case allocation.
      Sishuwa wants to publish his dribble on a platform like this instead of a academic journal. Why? Cause a real peer reviewed journals refused to publish his “dribble?”

      Baniwone baniwone wont cut it Sishuwa. Excellence doesnt need one to stand on a mountain and shout how excellence one is. As the bible says “You will know them by their works”….clearly yours are about self agrandisment not stewardship or serving Zambia or Zambians

  1. Young man Shishuwa, don’t forget, home is home, as the chewas say, kwanu ni kwanu.You will one day come back home, where you stay freely and not contracted citizenship. Have a long spoon. They say where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.


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