Marrying one wife will prevent many from going to heaven – Singer Bahati


    Kenyan singer Bahati has advocated for polygamy during a cooking session with his worker Baite, which he playfully dubbed “men’s corner.”

    During their discussion, Bahati queried pastors who advocate for men to have only one wife and demanding to know where the Bible limits polygamy.

    He said;

    “Why do pastors nowadays tell us to have only one wife.These pastors should show us in the Bible where God said we must have only one wife.”

    Bahati who further claimed that monogamy might stop some men from not going to heaven, pointed out that biblical figures like David and Solomon were known to have multiple wives.

    He added;

    “I feel like something that might prevent men from going to heaven is choosing to have only one wife. God will ask why I allowed David and Solomon to have multiple wives, but you chose to have just one.”

    When his wife, Diana, joined the conversation, he turned to her and asked “Babe do you believe Solomon is in heaven, the wisest man in the bible?”

    When Diana averred that Solomon is indeed in heaven, Bahati responded by saying that having more than one wife might not be an issue for one’s spiritual destiny.

    Despite his employee having a strong stance on monogamy, he noted that in heaven, there will be no marriages, quoting Jesus who said that in heaven people will be singing and eating honey and milk.


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