Mayangwa blames Lungu’s theatrics on UPND softness

Edgar Lungu

Mayangwa blames Lungu’s theatrics on UPND softness

A LUSAKA-based political commentator, Dillon Mayangwa has attributed former president Edgar Lungu’s outbursts on the softness that the UPND has treated him with since removing him from power in 2021.

This afternoon, Lungu rounded up leaders of several tiny political political to providing backing vocals sang praises for himself saying his leadership was far much better than that of President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

Although his own government was responsible for plunging the country into its current debt crisis which it defaulted in 2020, Lungu mocked the the government for the glitches its facing in resolving the crisis.

Cheered on by his opposition comrades as he spoke, Lungu demanded that President Hichilema calls for early elections as he had taken over the people who financed the UPND victory.

Lungu’s presser has attracted sharp reactions form various quarters including Mayangwa who feels the UPND is to blame for what he sees as political arrogance.

Mayangwa likens Lungu to an abusive stepmother who seeks to return in the house she was hounded out on account of her wickedness to children.

He said the UPND continued to treat Lungu with kids gloves while he had exhibited apparent bitterness with an agenda to return to power and punish those he thought had taken away his birth right of ruling Zambia forever.

Mayangwa lamented the UPND’s inability to effectively manage the civil service, a crucial component of governance.

He said the party’s perceived casual approach to politics and reliance on past successes were drawbacks .

Expressing disbelief, Mayangwa noted the absence of imprisonment for PF corrupt leaders despite allegations of corruption that contributed to the party losing power.

“People who were supposed to be in prison but with clear-cut bond cases, they are freely standing strong. It’s unbelievable,” he remarked.

“It is unbelievable that almost three years in power no PF leader has been sent to prison when literally it’s a well known fact that PF lost power due to the corruption and illegalities they governed the country with..”

He contended that Lungu, with his leadership track record, cannot be the solution to Zambia’s economic and social challenges, asserting that his past decisions had placed the nation in a difficult situation.

According to Mayangwa, Zambia was on a positive trajectory after Lungu’s departure, but his return would be detrimental to the nation’s economic development.

“Lungu will never be the solution to Zambians’ economical social setbacks for it’s his careless and poor leadership that has put Zambia under such difficult situation before him,” he added.

Mayangwa called out Lungu for lacking remorse and urged him to retire or address the alleged illegal dealings during his reign before considering a return.

Until then, Mayangwa argued that Lungu’s presence would only worsen Zambia’s economic struggles……/mayangwa-blames-lungus…/



  1. Agreed, when you treat hardcore criminals with kids gloves just know they will scheme STUPIDITY against you. Surely should the idiots who by now should have been counting the number of steel bars in their prison cells be the ones arrogantly making the loudest empty noise?

    Awe naimwe, longeni imbushi ishi shishibe ati ukwiba bupuba.


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