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LOCAL Government and Rural DevelopmentMMinister Gary Nkombo says he would choose having a high cost of living over experiencing daily murders which occurred during former president Edgar Lungu’s tenure.And Nkombo says maybe Lungu must be given a taste of
his own medicine by removing his immunity to see if he will be dancing around.In an interview, Nkombo said the high fuel prices were not peculiar to Zambia, adding that it was hard to fix the damage which PF caused during the 10 years it stayed in office.

“Given a choice in my own view, between the high cost of living which we are experiencing today, no one is saying no to that, and daily
murder, I’d choose a high cost of living. Anybody normal would choose to live, to battle with the high cost of living than not being sure if you’re going to see the rise of the sun the next day, living in fear. Today, they say the
democratic space is shrinking, it’s really unfortunate. Anybody who today can buy into
president Edgar Lungu saying if Zambians want him to come back, he will gladly do so, means that he or she wants to reverse all
the fortunes we have made this far in terms of social protection. It’s a hard road to repair what was damaged,” he said.

“So, we can only appeal to Zambians to be steadfast, hold on and to agree that the
direction we’re taking this country is the right direction and we must not reverse the
benefits we have gained this far. On the fuel, this is not peculiar to Zambia alone. Botswana it is $1.12 per litre which is K31. South Africa, a liter is $1.18 which is K32. Tanzania, $1.32
which is K36. Malawi, $1.50 per litre which is K41. In Zimbabwe, $1.57 per litre which is K43. In Namibia, $1.12 per litre which is K31. In DRC, $1.49 per litre which is K41. In Kenya, $1.36 per litre which is 35.46 and Zambia, $1.25 per litre which is K34. These prices are for today as we speak.”And commenting on
the formation of the people’s movement comprising of various political parties including the Lungu-led PF faction, Nkombo
said hallucinating was free.

He said maybe Lungu must be given a taste of his own medicine by removing his immunity to see if he will be dancing around.“The right to associate as they have made this alliance
sits within the Bill of Rights. They also have the right to dream, because dreams are free. It doesn’t cost a thing to hallucinate. He must
concentrate on first fixing PF which I think is damaged beyond recognition at this point.
He must understand that those of us looking from outside know clearly that he is the cause of the damage of PF himself. So he has gone to put the last nail on the coffin of PF and we welcome him to the political arena. He is
free to do what he is doing but I think he is on a dangerous path. President Lungu is not good for the country, he’s not good for PF. Probably he’s only good for his immediate family,” he said.

“There’s a lot of dignity in stepping back a bit because charity begins at home. He must put his house in clear order. When he lost power, he still has full enjoyment of his rights.
Maybe Mr Lungu must be given a taste of his own medicine by now removing his immunity
so that he can be like all of us and see if he will be dancing around. But it’s really up to him. The friendly advice he should get is that he shouldn’t take Mr Hichilema’s kindness for a weakness. It’s not a weakness. For someone who put it clearly that when I hand over power to myself, the first thing I’ll do
is arrest this one, so he’s a joker. Mr Hichilema’s focus is to fix what they damaged and not any other thing”.Meanwhile, commenting on Lungu’s call for Zambians
to demand for an early election, Nkombo said the country is not ungovernable to warrant an
early election.

“That is a pipedream. Is the country ungovernable? He is treading on a dangerous path. What is ungovernable about this
country? In my view, nothing. So he is treading dangerously on a path that is going to put him in harm’s way himself. He is a very daring man. The earlier he realises that he cannot cross a certain line, the better. Calling for an early election when there’s no crisis is wanting to assume power unconstitutionally. Other
than him and his former friends and now his friends, so now they are united in defeat.


  1. Nkombo is behaving like a danderhead by threatening Lungu with treason. I doubt whether Nkombo knows anything about law cos he seems to be just one of those alcohol consumers who like impressing a bar-room after a few. You can see his threat that Lungu’s call for early elections is tantamount to wanting to assume power unconstitutionally can only be entertained in Pyong Yang. Every citizen in a country that values freedom of speech has a right to call for an election. Calling for an election is not threatening His Royal Highness Hakainde Hichilema as his loyal servant Nkombo want us to believe. Freedom of speech is valued by all Zambians except the ruling party. So it can never be treason in Lusaka perhaps in Niger because the army is ruling there. Yes Nkombo would rather have the high cost of living because he is rich. However, no poor Zambian wants a high cost of living and dont force us to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. High cost of living or imprisonment for trivial interpretations of treason. If you have failed to improve the situation just leave. Zambia nowadays has a legion of politicians to choose from

  2. With all my freedom, I shall contribute with a free mind to the nation and finally the economy shall stabilize. And I thank the new dawn because in of I was paying a lot of money in form of school fees. That’s a very high subside to me

  3. Ba Nkombo at “it’s hard to fix the economy coz of the damage left by PF” Where is your 10 points economic plan? Where are your calculators you used while in opposition regarding fuel that PF were stealing K4 from each liter of fuel? Lies have short legs. You have been caught pants down and you have continued behaving like you are in opposition. IMF doses have finished your party.

  4. It is weakness for a leader to be too soft, especially on unruly thugs and in Africa for that matter!
    On the political front, you ba New Dawn have been a big disappointment! Supporting you has been like Supporting Manchester United!
    We blame UPND for the unruly behavior Jonathan Mutaware aka ECL is exhibiting today! You have taken too long to listen to the good advice of Zambians!
    After all the atrocities committed under PF, your immediate plan should have been to Set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission! This should have started with removal of immunities for those who presided over crimes against Zambians!
    There can be no Justice without Restitution!
    You should have hit the Iron while it was still hot!
    Now it’s rather too late!
    Another mistake of the New Dawn has been Sugarcoating painful realities!
    Whenever a country finds itself in a Debt Crisis Situation like we are now, be honest with the masses and tell them it will get worse before it gets better! That way, people will brace for that and prepare psychologically!
    But what have you done?
    You have ended up telling too many lies as you struggled to Sugarcoat reality!
    One thing in your favor is you are on the right track with the Economic turnaround drive but you need to improve on communication to avoid getting derailed and distracted by the Ghetto politics we are beginning to see. Let the people know what you are doing and give time-frames! Any project must have a time-frame!
    Don’t just compare the pump prices in the subregion because the average incomes in other countries are much higher than ours and so are better able to absolve the impact of high pump prices!
    Instead, demonstrate what mitigation measures you have put in place to cushion consumers! Leaving the pump prices at the mercy of the exchange rate and international crude oil prices is not Wise! That is being like the 5 foolish virgins who did not stock extra oil! The New Dawn must learn from the wisdom of Ants! They store food for the Winter!
    The same mistakes they are making with Fuel is also evident in Agriculture!
    Experts warned we would be having Drought situations this year! What strategic mitigation measures have you put in place?
    Have you not seen there is already crop failure again this year due to drought? Must you always be reactive?
    Have you talked to Commercial farmers and ZNS to help fill the gap?
    Should you continue FISP in it’s current form or you are going to add a component of irrigation to enable our farmers to grow food all-year round?
    These are some of the revolutionary issues you should have been working on than worrying about who to give Fertilizer tenders and only to be let down!
    Come 2026, you have my vote but you must strengthen what needs strengthening and avoid getting overwhelmed with the challenge otherwise I will withdraw my vote!

  5. If it wasn’t for the “deal” brokered by late RB between HH and Lungu whereby the latter was to relinquish power peacefully after losing to HH under the condition that HH doesn’t remove his immunity, then today would have been a different story with Lungu facing many cases in court not even having time for politics.


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