Mayor Miles Sampa writes:

My history is such that those who choose to hate or hurt on me more so on political grounds only end up making me wealthier.

In 2010 the Bank Of Zambia (BoZ) without Insoni (shame) left their air-conditioned offices and came to Finance Bank to fire me with armed Policemen escorting me out of my office as if I was some armed robber.Todate I think I hold the record of the only Director of a Banker fired in such a manner by the regulator BOZ.

They were however sent to sort me out by the mighty MMD top brass because I was a nephew to late Michael Sata that was also acting as his personal Banker for his personal accounts. I was also a signatory to the then PF Bank account at ZANACO.

I went to see then BOZ Governor Caleb Fundaga who was close to my then Father in-law but he was non commital. I called then FinancĂ© Bank Chairman and reportedly personal friend to then President RB to help me but he called me back a day later “sorry they have refused (and state you must be fired) “

I called Dickson Jere then at Statehouse to help me to speak to the then President RB that I had done nothing wrong. He called back “yavuta nkani”.

I sued Finance Bank and BoZ in the Labour Court for wrongful dismissal. When BoZ lawyers Steven Lungu SC and the then AG Abyud Shoonga were asked why they fired me, they failed to respond as they were shy to state “it was political” .
I won the case and was compensated enough money to buy a House and a Mercedes Benz 😊.

10 years later my lawyers in the case Central Chambers are still pushing in the Supreme Courts for additional payment from BoZ as they feel the calculations of money paid in 2011 short changed me.

So iyi politics against me at LCC is porridge but please don’t risk the people’s Council with possible future litigation and compensations out of insatiable appetite by misguided few,some to hit at me politically.

My personal and accrued rights shall not be stepped on at Matero Stadium.

As MCS would say “Mwaloba ilyauma”



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