A young vibrant prophet based in Mazabuka, prophet Joseph praise speaking in a church service today gave counsel to Prophet Ian Genesis.

He explained to say Ian Genesis is seeking attention from members of the public through his social media platform.

The young prophet further said that instead of prophet Ian Genesis seeking for Gods mercy towards his life, he is on Facebook spreading hate towards other people.

The young Prophet also wondered why Ian Genesis had made a statement of saying Faith Musonda is her spiritual daughter and the police should give her back her money.

The man of God went on to say that Ian Genesis should help Ian Genesis should stop justifying himself to members of the public but he should focus on his ministry and not causing divisions and spreading hate after his prophecy on the Zambian Elections did not happen according to the way he had prophesied.

The young Prophet also wondered the type God Ian Genesis is serving and he encouraged his church members to pray for prophet Ian so tha het be saved and that he may receive Jesus as his lord and personal savior.


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