Media call on Biden, Trump to participate in US 2024 presidential debates


Twelve news groups have asked Joe Biden and Donald Trump to have debates. They said debates have been a big part of every election since 1976.

Trump didn’t join the debates to become the Republican candidate, and now he wants to debate the Democratic president in 2020. But the Democratic president hasn’t said if he will debate Trump again.

Even though they haven’t been officially invited, the news organizations said it’s okay for each campaign to announce that they will take part in the three presidential and one vice-presidential forums organized by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

“Americans all believe that this election is very important, even though people have different opinions. ” The organizations said this together in a statement. “In that situation, nothing is as good as the candidates debating with each other in front of the American people about their ideas for our country’s future. ”

ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, PBS, NBC, NPR, and The Associated Press all agreed to the letter.

Biden and Trump argued two times in 2020. The third debate was called off because Trump, who was the president at the time, got sick and didn’t want to have the debate online.

On March 8, Biden was asked if he would agree to debate Trump. He said he would only do it if Trump behaved well. During the first 2020 debate, the president was annoyed by his opponent and even told him to be quiet at one point.

Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, who work for Trump’s campaign, wrote a letter saying that President Trump is ready to debate at any time and any place. They think the debates should start now.

They mentioned the seven debates that happened in 1858 between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in Illinois. They said that today’s America also deserves the same kind of debates.

The Republican National Committee decided in 2022 that they will not be part of debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates anymore. The Trump campaign has not said it would follow those rules, but they did have some conditions. The people in charge of the campaign said that the commission picked a moderator, Chris Wallace from Fox News, who is clearly against Trump. They want to make sure that the debates organized by the commission are fair and neutral.

The Trump campaign is asking for the schedule to be changed because they think a lot of people will have already cast their votes by September. October 16thOn October 1st. On September 9th, the commission set the dates for three debates.

The Biden campaign didn’t have anything to say about the news organizations’ letter because they referred to the president’s earlier statement. The Trump campaign did not respond right away.

On Saturday, Trump had a rally in northeastern Pennsylvania. There were two stands on the stage – one for him to give a speech, and the other to show that Biden didn’t want to debate him. The second stand had a sign that said, “Anytime. ”

During his speech, Trump looked to his right and pointed to the second lectern.

“We have something small for him,” he said, pointing to it. “Hey, look at the stage. I want Crooked Joe Biden to debate me whenever and wherever. ” OverWe need to have a discussion because our country is heading in the wrong direction, and we need to do it soon, even though it’s a little early. We need to tell the American people what is happening.

C-SPAN, NewsNation, and Univision also want debates to happen. Only USA Today newspaper said something about it.

Definitely, the TV and radio stations could benefit from the energy and excitement that debates can bring. TV news has fewer people watching it now compared to when the 2020 campaign was happening. This is because more people are canceling their cable subscriptions and the pandemic also made people more interested in news four years ago.

There were no discussions between the Democratic candidates for president this time. Trump’s decision not to take part in the Republican debates made people less interested in them.


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