Melinda Gates: “You Are Not God”

Now, I want to tell you this that there is a spiritual principle involved here, when you say, you see dead bodies all over the streets of Africa, you are actually projecting that and it’s a spiritual principle.

When David met Goliath in the field, Goliath spoke about what he will do to David, that he will cut him up and feed his flesh to the birds. David responded by saying that, I will cut off your head with your own sword and I will defeat you and then they went into physical battle. So, for every physical battle, before you enter it, there is a spiritual pronouncement. That’s why you have to pronounce things before you say or do anything or before you go forward.

During an interview on CNN, the wife of the American billionaire said that she can imagine dead bodies on the streets of Africa..

May the God of AFRICA arise to judge you for us as children of the most high God we condemn your tongue and your pronouncement of Africa. I see you acknowledging that Jesus is Lord over AFRICA.


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