Mentally-ill son pounds father to death


Mentally-ill son pounds father to death

A MAN of Luwingu in Northern Province Province has died a painful death at the hands of his mentally-ill son.

According to reports, Benson Mushitu aged 70 took an afternoon nap outside his hut on Wednesday around 14:30 hours while the rest of his family was out tilling the land.

But as Mushitu’s family returned home, they were greeted by a ghastly sight.

Mushitu was lying lifeless in a pool of his own blood with multiple injuries to his head.

The family members quickly understood what had happened as Mushitu’s 25 year old mentally-ill son, Joe Kasoma was also found sitting besides his father’s body with a blood-stained pounding stick in his hands.

Northern Province police commanding officer Gloria Mulele confirmed the incident.

By Moses Makwaya



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