Former US first lady, Michelle Obama has revealed that her daughters Sasha, 20, and Malia, 23, now have boyfriends.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Michelle, 58, marveled that her daughters are all grown up and are now bringing home their grown-up boyfriends.

Michelle Obama reveals her daughters Sasha, 20, and Malia, 23, ?have boyfriends; says she marvels at them

‘Now they’re bringing grown men home,’ she said. ‘Now they have boyfriends and real lives and all that stuff. They have grown up right before our very eyes and they are doing well.’

While Michelle gushed about the ‘amazing young women’ her daughters have become — ‘Women, I know! Scary,’ she said — and divulged that they are dating, she was much more discreet about the details of their love lives.

While her younger daughter Sasha has not been photographed with her boyfriend, older daughter Malia had been pictured with Rory Farquharson in 2017.

Rory, is the son of the chief executive of Insight Investment Management Limited Charles, and his wife Catherine, is an accountant.

Michelle Obama reveals her daughters Sasha, 20, and Malia, 23, ?have boyfriends; says she marvels at them

Both Malia and Sasha are currently living in Los Angeles, where Malia has a position on the writing staff of a new Amazon project by Donald Glover and Sasha is reportedly attending the University of Southern California after transferring from Michigan.

Michelle also spoke to Ellen about her 30-year marriage to former President Barack Obama, saying with a smile: ‘I’ve known him for a long time, that guy. He’s been around, hanging out.’

She admitted that his time as president was a ‘hassle,’ but added that it brought them ‘closer’ together.

‘It gave us the opportunity to do something outside of ourselves, to serve our country. To do it as a team. I respect him. I know a lot of people miss him right around now,’ she said.

‘Amazingly, that time in the White House, because we were working on hard things all the time, it brought us closer. We had to be each other’s best friends. We lived in the bubble with each other, had to learn how to get along because he was the person I was seeing all the time.

‘He is the only person, that, we understand what we both went through. And we have that unique experience,’ she said.

As for how he has changed during the 30 years they’ve been married, Michelle made a playful joke.

‘He’s pretty good at golf now. He’s doing a lot of golf. Not too good at picking up after himself. Had to have a lot of help doing that. He thinks he’s good at it. But he had a lot of help. He’s gotten a little worse at that,’ she said.


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