Midnight Search At Valden Findlay’s House Fails

President Edgar Lungu enjoys a light moment with Valden Findlay at State House


Alleged State Operatives from the Drug Enforcement Commission last night attempted to forcely conduct a search at Lusaka Businessman Valden Findlay’s residence in New Kasama area.

Three officers that arrived around midnight attempted to gain access to the residence to conduct a search, workers at facility have disclosed.

According to workers at Business Morgue residence, Three smartly dressed men suspected to be officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission stormed the residence of Mr. Findlay to conduct an impromptu search.

“they arrived here around midnight, they parked their vehicle meters away before storming the gate and demanding access to the facility ” a security guard said.

He said the three officers then told him they had information that Mr. Findlay is back in the country and was at the residence.

“They insisted that they have information he (Findlay) was inside the house and wanted to have business with him “

“After I insisted that he wasn’t in the house and I will not open the gate in frustration one of the office said nicha chabe chabe chimudala ichi (this one is a useless old man) and left the premises” added that security guard charged with responsibility to man the premises.

Accordingly, there have been attempts on countless times by state agencies to invade his private residence in an attempt to allegedly plant foreign substances and subsequently implicate him.

Workers say this was not the first time that officers purportedly to be from the law enforcement agencies are storming the place attempting to conduct a search.

DEC’s public relations officer could not pick calls by press time.


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