Miles Sampa calls Easterners biggest tribalists in Zambia



  1. Careful Miles Sampa. You cannot condemn a whole group of people or else it becomes hate speech and could have consequences. However, to say that Easterners are unrepresented in the current government is a downright lie. It’s a concoction of those who feel that if they themselves are not in government, then there are no Easterners.

  2. HaaSampa has completely lost his marbles. He is only following instructions from his sponsor.

    Why do politicians in Zed like riding on tribal divisions?

    The entire country voted against tribalism in 2021.

    We did not say that only certain people, or tribes, are allowed to practice tribalism, like is happening by Hakainde.

  3. Only people who are not exposed would think Sampa can say what is above. Even the group from East is also fake, it’s only one or two foolish people who created the group and added other innocent people in their nonsense.
    The same fool who created the group also created a fake page for M Sampa. This is just to create a calculated confusion

    • It is obvious who sponsored the creation of this group.

      He is a very bitter person that thrives on tribal divisions.

      KK was right about him.

      • Am not really sure that we are on the same page. The creator of the group wants to bring confusion between the government, M Sampa, the people of Eastern and most likely the people where Sampa comes from. Calculated confusion to steal government time to work on developmental programs.
        This can only come from some foolish opposition party members


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