Miles Sampa differ with his ‘Guy Scott’ ….’Scott’ threatened to shoot his boss


Miles Sampa writes:

So one chap that volunteer around my team decided to go crazy last 2 days threatening to shoot me and other work helpers around me kaya why.

Today We report to Nyumba Yanga police 👮‍♀️ post at 4pm but by 7pm they have been making phone calls to their seniors who have ordered them not to arrest the suspect guess because he is of colour. Koma our ZP Katwishi mwandi. I can imagine what happens when Bauleni residents report or lodge in complaints on a Muzungu that happen to break the laws of the Land.

Anyways driving last 1 hour looking around for the home of the new Inspector General (IG) of Police 👮‍♀️ and hoping he can help me on this case of threatening violence on me and others using a gun. Nabamushita 🤔😊



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