Former Government Chief Whip and Luanshya Member of Parliament Steven Chungu


Former Government Chief Whip and Luanshya Member of Parliament Steven Chungu says the expulsion of nine PF Members of Parliament from the former ruling party by the Miles Sampa faction is vague.

Mr. Chungu says the alleged expulsion of nine PF Members of Parliament is an exercise in futility.

Those reportedly expelled are Pambashe MP Ronald Chitotela, Kawambwa MP Nickson Chilangwa, Lunte MP Mutototwe Kafwaya, Shiwa Ng’andu MP Steven Kampyongo, Chitambo MP Remember Mutale, Mporokoso MP Brian Mundubile, Kamfinsa MP Christopher Kang’ombe, Mulenga Fube for Chilubi and Lupososhi MP Musonda Mpankata.

But Mr Chungu charged that Mr. Sampa’s attempt to grab PF won’t work.

He noted that it was wrong for the other PF faction secretary general to even write exculpation letters when the matter of PF leadership was in court.

Mr Chungu further said that without political external forces ,the wrangles in PF would not be there.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chungu said it was sad that the UPND were doing the same wrong things the PF did.

He advised the UPND just to work on fixing the economy as they promised prior to the 2021 general elections.


  1. My friend so you knew that OF used to do the wrong things but did you ever attempt to voice that out, you guys who saw the wrong things and kept singing alebwelelapo are the ones that kept Lungu in his usual darkness.

  2. You can dream all you like! Sampa is incharge of PF now. Most of you were sleeping without any strategy. Ask those on the list that he has suspended. They will spend their time to and from court and nothing will happen. At least he declared a long time ago that he was interested in PF leadership, unlike Lungu who used to scheme for leadership, while publicly saying he was not interested and that his health would not permit him to do the job.

  3. Sampa is a boot-licker. He once got down on his knees and cried like a baby when PF was in power. Quiet embarassing it was. Never-the-less, his got himself another boot to lick. Just hope he didnt make a fool of himself trying to get this job.


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