Miles Sampa hands over K70,000 to Muzala…

This afternoon met our Champion Muzala and his father Moses Samukonga. I formally handed over everything that was raised and been received from the general public and this included a plot and money.

A total of K70,000 was raised from various Zambians.

K45,000 has today been deposited in Muzala’s personal bank account and K10,000 onto his Sampay mobile money account.

The balance of K15,000 is yet to be received from some that pledged. I am hopeful they will honour their pledges sooner so we give Muzala hopefully by the end of next week.

I wish to convey special thanks to over 200 mobile money contributors that appreciated Muzala from their heart. Some sent token amounts as low as K5 but together all added up to K70,000 in total.

Zikomo to all on behalf of Muzala and his parents🙏🏽. May our champion win some more medals hereon.

Together We Can


  1. Honourable Miles Sampa is a true and patriotic leader. May God Almighty bless him for being a genuine leader. Leadership is about uplifting the life of people and sacrificing for others.

  2. This is commendable and we appreciate this good gesture. Well done.

    We would like to encourage the government to watch and help this young man fulfill his dream for greatness in his outstanding ability to run his himself into victory.

    These are rare abilities and should be looked after with slot of care and protection. Invest in sport. Let’s in vest in his education and career. Send him to a spot school in Europe to learn some things which he can some day in future teach other talent youth. We should not waste this gift.


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