Miles Sampa Requests Dismissal of Defamation Suit by Former BOZ Governor Christopher Mvunga

Miles Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, has sought the dismissal of the defamation lawsuit brought against him by former Bank of Zambia Governor, Christopher Mvunga, in the Lusaka High Court.

In his defense filed with the Lusaka High Court, Mr. Sampa refutes the allegations leveled against him, denying any defamation of Mr. Mvunga through a Facebook post. Mr. Sampa disclosed the submission of his defense in the defamation case related to the Faith Musonda cash-gate saga. Additionally, he stated that a list of key witnesses has been provided, intending to call them during the trial to substantiate his innocence in the matter.

Witnesses include

  1. Former President Edgar Lungu
  2. Faith Musonda
  3. Dr.Danny Kalyalya-Bank of Zambia Governor
  4. HonorableBrian Mundubile MP Mporokoso
  5. Director General ,Anti Corruption Commission
  6. Director General ,Drug Enforcement Commission
  7. Inspector General of Police

Mile Sampa argues that the statement in question does not constitute defamation, emphasizing that Mr. Mvunga, as the former BOZ Governor, is a public figure accountable to the public.

The defamation lawsuit was initiated by Mr. Mvunga, who is demanding 100 million Kwacha in damages from Mr. Sampa, as per the Statement of Claim filed with the Lusaka High Court on February 5, 2024.


  1. Sampa you have a case to answer.

    Do not let your sponsor mislead you. You think he will help you pay the K100 million?

    Uzalila iwe.

  2. It is difficult to comprehend Sampa’s sanity honestly. He published on his Facebook that Mvunga ordered the cash to be given to Faith Musonda.
    His only defence is to substantiate his claims. He has a list of his witnesses knowing full well that all of them cannot be compelled to give evidence on his behalf.
    People need to learn the consequences of their actions. Simon Mwewa is in court for publishing that Tasila bought a bank with stolen money and Emmanuel Mwamba paid Sishuwa 250 thousand for alleging that Sishuwa was paid for his publications by the UPND when the PF was in power.
    Again, I highly question the sanity of Miles Sampa.


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