……… the PF MCC says, ” the UPND project” can’t worry anyone in the true and original PF*

Kelvin Sichizya in Kasama.

January 13, 2024 – A Member of the Central Committee in the former ruling Party, the PF has urged Zambians not to be bothered by Miles Sampa and his so called PF party, saying “even little children know that Sampa and his activities are just a UPND Special project which was not in any way linked to the former ruling party

Mr. Brian Mundubile who is Mporokoso Central Member of Parliament says Mr. Sampa and group ” is just a group of people who have chosen to go the wrong way” and said the original PF is still intact and was growing stronger with a full Central Committee and Provincial and all structures.

Speaking on a live Kasama Radio programme this evening, Mr. Mundubile said after winning the 2021 elections, President Haakainde Hichilema was very sure that within 90 days, the PF was going to disinteregrate completely but said after realizing that the former ruling party was not “falling apart” the UPND decided to sponsor such small illegal splinters to try and “kill” the PF party

The PF MCC who was accompanied by Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya said the campaigns conducted by HH in 2021 were based on promises but now we are comparing between oranges looking at the first two years of PF in power and the two years UPND has stayed since its elect adding “when PF took over the COUNTRY every region country-wide was turned into a construction site

“Mind you, it was not a construction site of bole holes and Classrooms, IT WAS REAL CONSTRUCTION” Mr. Mundubile said.

He said as for Civil Servants, within a short period of PF reign, they received a payrise of between 150 and 300 percent, an increased tax threshold with very encouraging pronouncements made by President Michael Sata

The Mporokoso Law maker said people have been comparing “and now UPND knows that they stand no chance in 2026 and so they realized that the only solution was to ” damage the competitor”, the largest opposition part which is the PF. “That’s how come they sponsored a split in the PF to cause confusion” Mr. Mundubile said.

“For a very small meeting, a retreat, they gave Sampa a government facility, Mulungushi, and over 200 police officers, and it changed into a conference followed by assigning 10 police officers to escort and guard him at Parliament” He later went to PF Secretariat and despite reporting to police, nothing was done”

And Mr. Mundubile has called on the PF party membership country-wide to remain firm to see their Party move forward.

He wondered what message President Hichilema will have for the people of Zambia after destroying the economy, with increased prices of mealie meal, fuel and destroying their fortunes as they have done

“Potential Civil Servants with long service have been removed from their positions and replaced by UPND cadres with no knowledge thereby frustrating the 400 experienced government workers while at Ministry of Justice, Attorney General, the cadres are only promoting illegalities”, he said.


  1. Bunch of true pfidiots why kerp talking about a nothing as pfools? Why talk about civil servants salaries that were frozen from any increment for the entire pfool rule and say like Zambians especially the civil servants themselves don’t remember? The entire long stupid article really are these idiots normal?????

  2. We are not worried as zamhians, pf is gone and upnd will go whether in 2026 or thereafter. They will remain in power if they do right but the case of imingalato, walawala!

  3. If you have failed to defeat Sampa, that’s your own problem, why accusing innocent people all the time? In the history of this country, I have never seen the ruling party kid gloving the former ruling party so that it bounces back to power. If that’s what you want or think, such a thing will never happen. When UNIP lost power, MMD made sure it never came back, when MMD lost power, PF never allowed it come back. So why do you think UPND can allow PF to come? Are they so stupid? You will continue blaming HH and UPND but this has been the trend, no corpse comes back to the village when it’s already taken to the graveyard, maybe PF will be the first. Moreover, you are split into two and your votes are no longer 1.8. Moreover you already lost some of your prominent members like Frank Bwalya, Anthonio Mwanza, Brian Hapunda and Mr. Mwelwa. You will have also to share with the Socialist Party the few votes you have remained with. Is it today when read that you have expelled Prof Nkandu Luo. So whether Sampa is a UPND sponsored project or not, honestly speaking, it’s almost impossible for PF to bounce back.


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