Miles Sampa’s SG Morgan Ng’ona cracks whip, expells 9 MPs And Emmanuel Mwamba from PF


Ng’ona cracks whip, expells 10 from PF

IN the continuing drama featuring an all-villain cast of the PF, Miles Sampa’s Secretary General Morgan has flexed his political muscle and expelled nine members of parliament along with Emmanuel Mwamba from the party.

Ng’ona said he would this afternoon follow up the expulsions with a letter to the National Assembly to have the seats of the lawmakers declared vacant.

The nine expelled include Brian Mundubile (Mporokoso), Nickson Chilangwa (Kawambwa), Musonda Mpakata (Lupososhi), Christopher Kang’ombe (Kamfinsa), Steven Kampyongo (Shiwang’andu), Mutotwe Kafwaya (Lunte), Mulenga Fube (Chilubi), Ronald Chitotela (Pambashe), and Remember Mutale (Chitambo)

The mass expulsions come after the lapse of a two-day ultimatum given the lawmakers to explain their attendance of what he termed an unauthorized meeting, a violation of party principles.

Ng’ona told Kalemba that arrogance and pride had caused the members to be expelled because they were given an opportunity to explain themselves but chose to ignore the ultimatum.

“Now that we have expelled them, they are free to conduct themselves in whichever way they want without observing any rules as obligated by PF party members,” Ng’ona said.

Msanzala Constituency member of parliament Elias Daka was also written to but has survived the chop.

On December 2, 2023, Ng’ona wrote to the 11 PF members, demanding an explanation for their participation in what the party deems an “illegal meeting unknown to the Party leadership.”

According to the letters of expulsions written to the affected members, none of them provided any communication on the matter within the specified timeframe.

In expulsion letters addressed to each member and signed by Ng’ona, the 10 breached Article 29 subsections (c) (d) (h) (I) (j) (p) of the party constitution.

“Considering the gravity of the offences committed and your lack of remorse, we have no option but to expel you from the party with immediate effect,” Ng’ona stated in the letters.

The expelled were further directed to surrender all party properties and documents in their possession and are prohibited from participating in any Patriotic Front programs henceforth.

With the expulsions, it remains to be seen how the Edgar Lungu-led group of the PF will react and weave themselves out of the Mbampe dribble.

By Moses Makwaya



      • Please use your head to think not something else!!! Of course KK was Zambian from Malawi but Zambia is for all of is not KL’s backyard.
        We have a president in office, HH who has the same rights, powers and status as KK when he was president.
        It doesn’t matter that you don’t like HH otherwise you can hang yourself or you can Fimba upoke, who cares?

    • That’s the plan to get majority that can ammennt the constitution easily ,someone is just being used as a pawn and will be dumbed when the job is done leaving no opposition to talk of.

  1. One Chief warned Zambians that PF was the most undisciplined party in Zambia. He went on to tell them they would lose the 2021 elections and it happened.
    PF has continued “rebranding” it’s indiscipline which will unfortunately cost the tax payer in unnecessary bye elections!
    You cannot achieve anything without discipline!

  2. Inama ya baice tainona.Sata was a very big man.His demise has caused all this in PF.What has given M Sampa these powers ? Lawyers or Pf Constitution ?Only time will tell

  3. The speaker again in the dock. Will be interesting to see how she will behave this time around. Her fingers were ‘ burnt’ over Chabinga’s case when she lied that she did a search at the Registrar of Societies, which showed there was a change of office bearers , when infact there was none..
    Miles Sampa and group,and their backers are destroying all democratic Institutions in Zambia!

  4. UK, Germany, India, Japan, Botswana, The Scandinavian Countries and a few other countries in the World are shining examples of Democracies. Political change is smooth and you rarely hear of “Imingalato” before and after General Elections. The main Reason for the Difference with other politically chaotic countries where it is “Dog eat Dog” when it comes to fighting for Political Office is: Public Service versus Public Looting!!!

  5. What you do onto others definitely it will be done to you. People forget easily when the PF came into power they were determined to destroy and weaken the opposition political parties by oppressive tactics and perpetrating cruelty. The PF also interfered into internal wrangles of the MMD where there were two factions for Doctor Nevers Mumba and Felix Mutati. The PF contributed to weakening the MMD.

    I am surprised to hear the former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu accusing the UPND government of interfering with internal affairs of the PF. The PF political party is used to governing by misrule and using undemocratic tendencies. The challenges the PF is facing today are self inflicted and the wrangles we are seeing today in the PF began immediately former president Michael Chilufya Sata died. The factions in the PF are just old wounds and treatment of old wounds is not easy.


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