Miles to chair PF Central Committee meeting this Saturday


Miles to chair PF Central Committee meeting this Saturday

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Decretary General Morgan Ng’ona has called for a Central Committee meeting scheduled for this Saturday.

The meeting will be chaired by party president Miles Sampa.

The forthcoming meeting was communicated through a notice issued on Tuesday to all Central Committee members.

The specific time and venue remain undisclosed.

Sampa and group took over the former ruling party after a controversially-convened extraordinary general conference last October.

Soon after being elected president, Sampa appointed Ng’ona as Secretary General who in turn made sweeping changes to the party including removing Brian Mundubile as leader of the opposition in Parliament and replaced him with Robert Chabinga.

However, Sampa’s take over sparked a firece in-house legal battle that has pitted the Matero lawmaker and former president Edgar Lungu who also claims to be party president on the other.

With no court order to prevent Sampa from carrying out PF presidential duties, him and his group have been large and in charge while his opponents who include Raphael Nakacinda, Given Lubinda and Emmanuel Mwamba have been depleting thick rims of paper filing different cases before different courts as they fight to have the Sampa-led leadership removed.



  1. Sampa has delusions of grandeur. He is not normal at all. He needs medical attention. Ubushilu bwaba apengi kabili bulwele ubukali.

  2. Mulenga! You have a PhD and herd you are busy pulling your brother down in preference of an Easterner (ECL) when your mbuyas are saying “Umodzi Kum’mawa!” and not mentioning any Bembas in their recommendation letter to HH for appointments! What is wrong with you mwefibabemba?!!! You always go for each other’s necks at every opportunity. Even at work it’s the same. Mwalipena? Support each other for goodness’ sake!!! Others are busy taking advantage of your courage and using you to propel themselves up while you remain mere bulldogs against yourselves….I wish I wasn’t Bembas mwe!!!!

  3. I do not support madness because it comes from a fellow Bemba. I have my own reservations with Umodzi Kumawa demanding that an Easterner be appointed Foreign Affairs Minister for development to be taken to Eastern Province. The demand is driven by personal interests. Vincent Mwale was Minister of Infrastructure and Dr. Charles Banda was Minister of Local Government under PF. Yet the road network in Eastern Province were in a deplorable state and remain so.

  4. I meant to say I do not support Sampa’s political madness because he is a fellow Bemba. Kuti wamonekelamo ati nobe ulikalishilu


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