Former KONKOLA Copper Mines –KCM- Provisional Liquidator MILINGO LUNGU has forfeited 24 million dollars to the state.

The money that Mr. LUNGU has forfeited to the state is deemed to be proceeds of crime, contrary to Section 71 of the Forfeiture of the Proceeds of Crime Act number 19 of 2010.

Mr. LUNGU has forfeited the money in question following a Consent Judgment brokered between him and the state.

This is in a matter where Director of Public Prosecution-DPP- GILBERT PHIRI applied for a Non-Conviction forfeiture of 24 million United States dollars from Mr. LUNGU deemed to be proceeds of crime.


  1. These non-conviction forfeitures are becoming suspect now. These criminals should be locked because you not even bothered to state how much they even stole. It’s like you’re eating with these criminals in this fight against corruption please convince us otherwise!!!

    • Iam uncomfortable with this forfeiture approach by the LEAs. The criminals get to keep a large portion of the loot and retain their freedom. It is very encouraging to any would be thief of public funds and there are many out there, even in the current government.

      It is amazing how fortune favours thieves in Zambia, even making legal arrangements to allow them stay out of prison and keep what they stole from the nation.

      ZAMBIA IS A LOOTERS’ PARADISE. It doesn’t get any better than this!

  2. K24 million kwacha ! What type of a Job pays so much within 2 years ? Now we understand KCM deal cannot be settled because od accrued liabilities of this nature. For others all is well..

  3. What about the rest of the money? Where had he taken it, we were initially told it’s USD59 million.
    Awe this level of thieving is cruel and evil. The one who stole a goat 3years.

  4. This man was even given immunity to do what he was put there for, in Zambia stealing was official. We don’t know which constitution they were using which gives immunity to liquidators. No wonder the clique of thieves is always bitter with HH, it wants to come back and steal in arrears. Stealing from government was a very lucrative business for some people but we won’t give them that chance again, no more kwalalas again. That’s why CDF tatwaleimona.

  5. This is not right someone is stoned for stealing a chicken.
    You let this man free what message are you sending??
    We now have inpontant criminals because they stole dollars??
    What a shame!!


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