A South bound military bus which allegedly had a brake system malfunction has smashed into a Toyota Noah car opposite ZANACO bank in Mazabuka.

Byta FM Mazabuka based Staff report that by press time, no fatalities have been recorded from the passengers that were on the Lusaka bound shattered pirate taxi owned by Frazier Kaira.

The accident happened around 08:00 Hours when a Zambia Airforce Marcopolo Bus that was in a convoy of six other Airforce vehicles hit into a stationed Toyota Noah taxi that was loading passengers headed for Lusaka.

According to an eye witness, Haggai Hapenza, the four passengers who were in the taxi have sustained serious injuries and are currently being attended to at Mazabuka General Hospital.

And social media picture crazy residents getting photos are being given some morning good beatings and made to delete their footage by the no nonsense soldiers.

One man was ordered to throw his phone on the ground and told to jump on it.

The fear gripped man unbelievably skanked on his phone like a reggae award winning artist and shattering the phone’s screen.

Despite being made to damage his phone, the local resident was later given a short but excruciating slap on his neck by a red barret clad soldier.

“Bafi….mwayamba kuti delela ayi,” asked one of the soldiers before moving away to check how the damaged bus would be tolled to a safer place.

Meanwhile, onlookers boed the Mazabuka Fire Brigade team which only arrived on the scene about an hour after the accident occured.183477806_1869778289869614_2850011218907975147_n (1)


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