Kabuswe Should Not have Commented!- Jack Mwiimbu

…says both plane, money and gold with DEC….

Minister of Home Affairs and Interio Security, Hon. JACK Mwiimbu has advised government wings to refrain from commenting on the investigations but should allow Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to handle the case as they are the lead team in the investigations.

Speaking from Angola, Mr. Mwiimbu expressed surprise at the prejudicial statements issued by Mines Minister, Paul Kabuswe.

Mr. Mwiimbu has also refuted claims that the plane and minerals seized by the Drug Enforcement Commission- DEC- has gone missing.

Mr. MWIIMBU says the plane is under seizure by DEC and is parked at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport while the minerals are in the hands of investigative wings.

He says the suspects are still in custody as the investigations are still ongoing.

Mr. MWIIMBU has told ZNBC News in Angola that government will not interfere with the investigations.

He urged members of the public to desist from making unsubstantiated comments on the matter as doing so will jeopardize the investigations.


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