By Isaac Mwanza

The Kakubo issue must be a lesson to many Ministers on how they ought to or ought not to conduct themselves in public because in all they do, they are representative of the Republican President Hakainde Hichilema who appointed them and task them on what to do. In no way do I think Kakubo received some cash or didn’t receive some cash. He is quite a good man but public perception is bigger in this country.

The last one week, there has been revelations that some named Ministers at Finance and State House, led by the Attorney General’s Office met former Liquidator Milingo Lungu and negotiated the resignation of Milingo Lungu in exchange for withdrawal of criminal charges.

We now at a point where the State could have gotten a lot of information during negotiations from Mr Milingo which they may want to use for prosecuting him, which deprives him the opportunity to put up a fair defence. But that is story for another day.

While I know that President Hichilema would not be naive to directly get involved in negotiating with Milingo, unless his handlers did him injustice to put him at such a risk, the actions of his Ministers put him in a compromised position in the eyes of the public such that not even the weak defense put up by State House and the silence of both the Minister and AG has strongly created a narrative that the meeting was true.

Now we have Kakubo meeting the businessman and Embassy Official in public, and walking away with the bag which he claims contained a pen and calendar.

Kakubo’s meeting was captured and his bag-carrying pictures are now circulating on social media, the same way the classified letter by the DPP was made to circulate on social media. This must tell his Ministers that their actions are under public scrutiny. We now have serious indications made by Tayali that the UPND are receiving the same favours from the same business entities who sponsored the PF, hence even the ACC will not disclose to the public about who the real owners of the 31 so called confiscated vehicles because it would unmask the identity of the generous business people.

Anyway, we don’t expect the President to act on these allegations against Ministers: at State House, Finance and now Foriegn Affairs. This is how it was even under the PF. The former President ECL always demanded for evidence. Am sure President Hichilema is demanding for the same. Former President ECL called what is happening mfwiti mfwiti type of doing things


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