Ministers to appoint 150 judges to handle appeals in Rwanda


Plans have been made to select 150 judges to handle a new system for quickly deciding on appeals for people being deported from Rwanda.

The justice secretary said that over 100 staff have been hired to help with a new system for reviewing deportation orders.

Last year, a law was proposed to create new courts to prevent migrant appeals from causing delays in the justice system.

MPs are starting to talk about a bill that wants to bring back the Prime Minister’s idea to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Additional resources have been created to address criticism from some Conservatives MPs that allowing individual appeals against deportation to Rwanda will cause too much work for the courts and should be completely stopped.

Alex Chalk, the person in charge of justice, said the changes will make 5,000 more days available to hear asylum cases.

Members of Parliament are talking about the Safety of Rwanda Bill in the House of Commons.

The government wants to send some people seeking asylum to Rwanda to stop them from trying to come to the UK in small boats. Labour has said they don’t like the policy because they think it costs too much and is just a trick. They would rather focus on stopping the gangs that smuggle things.

The Supreme Court stopped the government‘s plan for Rwanda because they were worried about the safety of the country.

After the court made a decision, the government made a new law called the Safety of Rwanda Bill. This law says that in the UK, Rwanda is considered a safe country.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is having trouble with his power because two Conservative vice chairmen said they would support a series of rebel changes to his main Rwanda bill.

Make the process simpler and more efficient.

The government wants to calm worries about legal issues by adding more judges to the tribunal system. They will move some judges from the lower tribunal to the higher tribunal to handle appeals from Rwanda.

Judges will get extra learning and more money to work on nights and weekends. The government made 25 more rooms for hearings to handle more cases.

The change is meant to bring all complicated migration cases and appeals to one place, making the process more efficient.

The Home Office studied and found that almost all legal challenges under the Illegal Migration Act will not succeed. However, there is still a chance that many people appealing could overwhelm the system and cause delays in their removal.

The Ministry of Justice has been working with the courts since last summer to make more room in the system before starting the Rwanda policy.

The person in charge of justice said the judges will decide if they need extra judges for a little while.


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