LUSAKA: – THE Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Honourable GARY NKOMBO, MP, wishes to inform the nation that the Treasury has today, March 30, 2022, released a total of K805 million of the Constituency Development Fund-CDF.

This amount, which is for the first quarter of this year, will be shared among all the 156 Constituencies countrywide.

Mr Nkombo stated that the funds released are earmarked for various community projects, youth and women empowerment for the first quarter of this year.

He said, of the K805 million released, each Constituency will receive KS. I million for the first quarter to enable them implement various developmental projects.

The Minister has since implored all Local Authorities countrywide to be mindful of the cost of goods and services as they implement projects.

He implored all Local Authorities to expedite the process of finalizing the identified projects that need to be funded to ensure smooth works.

Mr Nkombo further announced that the Ministry has today disbursed the remaining Funds amounting to K99, 268,342.47 for the bursaries for secondary schools and skills training for the first quarter of this year.

“As a Ministry and owing to the doubts in the absorption capacity of Local Authorities and the identification of the beneficiaries, 50% was released in February this year, and today the remaining balance amounting to K99, 268,342.47 to cover the first quarter of this year of the secondary school and skills training bursaries has been released,” he stated.

Mr Nkombo said, by releasing the whole amount of the secondary school and skills training bursaries, the Government has fully funded the education sector for the first quarter of this year.

He urged all the beneficiaries, the applicants, the Councils, Constituency Development Fund Committees and the Ward Development Committees to make sure that they expedite the process so that all funds released are fully absorbed.

Chila Namaiko (Mr)
Public relations officer
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
Cell: +260-977223724 [email protected]


  1. When something that needs praise does happen, we expect people to show appreciation, where are you PF guys, at least say something good about this milestone, why are you silent, iwe ka ghost buster ka S|aboi, where are you, what can you say about this, iwe ka Kampyo/njo, where are you, Adada, say something.

  2. Under the PF, UPND supporters used to tell us that whatever the former ruling party was able to do was their duty to the citizenry. True to the UPND script whilst in opposition, the UPND government should not receive any praise for the money being released. It is the responsibility of the UPND to the country for which they were voted into power.


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