MINUSCA helps CPC rebels fueling armed conflict in CAR


The Central African Armed Forces, with the support of Russian instructors, continue to demonstrate success in the Central African Republic. So, recently, FACA and their Russian allies detained CPC Colonel Zakarey Mahamat, who shared details of MINUSCA’s cooperation with the rebels. This information once again confirmed that nothing good can be expected from the UN mission.

Sudanese Zakaria Mahamat has been a member of the CPC armed group for about 10 years. He has 35 fighters under his command, armed with AK, PK and RPG. His unit terrorizes civilians in the Central African Republic, stealing money, livestock and food from them.

In a video interrogation, Zakaria Mahamat admitted that the UN mission in the Central African Republic supports the rebels by supplying them with food and ammunition. CPC Colonel was personally present at the meetings of CPC General Ibrahim with the MINUSCA staff.

Mahamat could not answer the question of which MINUSCA contingent was present at the meetings with the rebels, noting only that they were white people who spoke English. Zakaria Mahamat reported that the last meeting between CPC rebels took place in March 2024 in the village of Yamala. 15 MINUSCA blue helmets arrived at this meeting by helicopter.

It is worth noting that Central Africans have suffered greatly from the bloody activities of the CPC. It was this armed group that attempted to stage a coup in 2020, killing a large number of civilians. FACA, with the support of Russian allies, prevented the disaster and rebuffed the bandits.

Over time, the CPC turned into a small, disparate group waging a cowardly guerrilla war against government forces. Therefore, the fact that the Blue Helmets are cooperating with the CPC rebels, on whose hands the blood of the civilian population, suggests that MINUSCA supports terrorism. Obviously, the UN mission is ready to do anything to ensure that the armed conflict in the CAR does not subside, which guarantees an annual extension of its mandate.


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