M’membe is implying that only Bembas and Lozis can govern this country, says Nkombo

Fred M’membe is implying that only Bembas and Lozis are capable of governing this country, says Local Government minister Garry Nkombo.

And Nkombo said he has files on his desk showing how fraudulent road contracts were awarded to PF officials, including one where the former parliamentary candidate in Kapiri was allowed to indicate that he was working on 28 kilometers instead of 23 kilometers.

Speaking when handling over CDF marketeers’ grants in Kapiri Mposhi district, Nkombo said that tribal politics is divisive and should be encouraged in a modern democracy.

“I am now addressing Dr Fred M’membe. This Bemba courage, Lozi wisdom narrative should not be encouraged. And I am telling you people gathered here that you should reject such leaders. We have about 72 tribes in this country, and this narrative being propagated by Dr Fred M’membe is implying that only two tribes are capable of providing leadership in this country. The Bemba courage and Lozi wisdom will not take us anyway. This is divisive. And practicing… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/mmembe-is-implying-that-only-bembas-and-lozis-can-govern-this-country-says-nkombo/


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