M’membe Should Be The Least To Call The Upnd Party Heartless Forgetting How His Post Empire Was Closed And Ruined Of All Its Assets

Dr. Fred M'membe
Dr. Fred M'membe


By Stembridge Sikalundu

M’MEMBE has been described before by scholars and politicians. as the most difficult and complex sophisticated person in the country , unpredictable with blackmailing trends using important personal and national information. When the Post empire was at its best during the second republic.

Wanting to become president of this country because the person he personally opposed to ascend to the highest office is one in authority today should not convince MMEMBE to believe it is that easy to become president , because he is capable of using conspiracy theories to criticise the govt in office . M’MEMBE was capable of having information of presidents in this country ,to the dismay of zambians who wondered how presidents feared M’MEMBE .

We need to understand where this country is coming from and what the post news paper company did to this country in the history of episodes , history will save this country because zambians have to recall or be reminded of the many things which have made this country be what it is today . What role did M’MEMBE play with the paper which used to dig deeper ?, ‘ THE POST NEWS PAPER’.

We have to remember the words of ECL when he said the POST NEWS PAPER was there to support CARTELS that were meant to hijack the country in the interest of individuals that were chosen with preference for support to govern this country . M’MEMBE is coming from a background of a serious fallout with FTJ mhscriep in ,1991 at the time the MMD formed govt , personal differences made him to establish the WEEKLY POST a very famous paper that faught to bring the FTJ govt down because of personal reasons and terms.

After the two terms of FTJ the post news paper was seen to align with prospective individuals that were seeking the presidency and it is at this point the post was seen to give huge support to people’s that personally M’MEMBE wanted to become leaders of this country starting with LPM mhscriep , after the demise of LPM who enjoyed the support from the post , M’MEMBE humbled for MCS mhscriep instead of RB. This was the begining of the end .

Unfortunately RB mhscriep won the elections , the post paper did not stop condemning RB while president HH was kept offside and highly CRITICISED , RB only lasted for three (03) years to complete the term while M’MEMBE was glued to MCS and after winning MCS congratulated M’MEMBE and confirmed that one can only be president with support from the print media. Most post staff were employed in govt thereafter .

The target was still to destroy the ambitious desire of president HH , now that M’MEMBE had settled with MCS that long , his aim was to weaken any one in the opposition for PF to win and live longer , unfortunately MCS suddenly passed on and the Post empire was stuttled on what to do next , they noticed little expected ECL on the other side was being supported for the PF party presidency and RB came on board with WAKO NI WAKO syndrome , M’MEMBE opposed this wish vehemently .

The strength of the post news paper was now failling because ECL brought RB on board who knew what the post had done to him to loose the presidency , M’MEMBE was humbled to support the PF group which was considered a cartel , unfortunately that was the greatest mistake of his life , ECL was adopted as PF party president and went on to win the presidential by election . ECL simply closed the post from the information which was given by the RB former adminstration .

The post empire was closed by ECL to please the PF camp against revealing any illegal activities in the PF govt of ECL , but the idea became an advantage for president HH who now got a breath from being criticised by M’MEMBE using the post paper, it was now easy to sell president HH in the country without doubt . The post empire completely went down without a trace . Many thought that M’MEMBE was going to rise and fight to rebuild the post empire , to the contrary, when he realised the country was now in the hands of authority to president HH ,he formed a political party .

Wanting to become president of this country may be in two folds , seeing this country being in the hands of president HH may have made him feel opted to see an opportunity to become president of zambia , a lot must worry govt and be very cautious of M’MEMBE’S motives because he is still capable of having information which can threaten the security and good governance of this country . God bless mother Zambia .



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