Mnangagwa accuses Indians of hoarding goods, threatens confiscation and deportation


At a Zanu PF rally in Bulilima on Saturday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa blamed Indian businesspeople for causing shortages and price hikes of basic goods in a bid to undermine his government before the August 23 elections.

He said he had learnt that some Indians in Harare were stockpiling sugar, flour and other necessities in their warehouses, then inflating their prices.

He threatened to seize their goods and warehouses, and even expel them from the country.

“If it is true, we shall confiscate, not only the warehouses but the things inside them and give it to you and distribute to people,” he said.

He added that foreign businesspeople who wanted to hoard goods should “go back to their countries.”

There has been a short supply of basic commodities including sugar, cooking oil and flour in most major supermarkets, especially in urban areas, which has led to public dissatisfaction.


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