” The rich will bury the rich , the poor will bury the poor”

Mongu Central MP Oliver Amutike yesterday told the family members who were stranded to buy a coffin to bury their relative who died saying let the dead bury themselves.

This came after one of the community members called the law maker to request for a K200 contribution towards the purchase of a coffin, but he refused and referred the mourners to the area Councilor.

The poor family almost used a bracket to bury their relative because of lack of money.

Read the story written by Barotseland Political activist Munyinda Munukayumbwa below:


Yesterday evening I took time to visit a funeral House at Winela plots where someone died.

The family members literally had nothing to facilitate the burial of their beloved one. They narrated to me that they had no transport even to take the body to the mortuary as well as money to buy a coffin as cheap as that of K800. I was briefed that due to their financial constraint the family were opting to bury their beloved one just the following day after he died. We struggled with other people to raise money towards transport and the buying of the coffin. The only money we managed to raise torwads the coffin was K600 and we were short of K200 to meet the K800 coffin cost.

Running with a lot of thoughts on how we could help bury the deceased in a dignified manner, some people recommended that we engage our Member of Parliament since the deceased was also a supporter of Hon. Amutike himself.

Promptly, I picked my phone and called Hon. Oliver Amutike to sorrowfully intervene in the sad situation.

I narrated to him the situation of the family and I asked him if he could help by contributing K200 towards the purchase of a coffin. Answering and speaking from his comfort zone and beautiful house, the humble servant of Mongu Central constituency Hon. Amutike Mumbuna MP developed money leprosy and failed to straighten his hands to help the vulnerable family, but swiftly referred me to the area Councilor. When I informed him that we had asked the Councilor already but he doesn’t have, the same Hon. Amutike told us to request the Mongu Deputy Mayor Mutompehi Suzyo Ng’uni.

In despair and sad mood I phoned the Deputy Mayor who told me to call him after a while. I waited for 30 minutes, I then called him back as promised (Deputy Mayor Mr. Mutompehi Suzyo). He switched off his line. This is the drama we faced from our Civic leaders, especially on the case of the MP it was really shameful because it was the community which asked for his intervantion not an individual.

Lucky enough, a Good Samaritan from Sikongo but always passionate about the people of Mongu, came to our aid and sent me the K200 within 15 minutes after explaining the situation to him. Thereafter, We managed to buy a coffin and buried this morning.

Politically, the community that gathered there have given Hon. Amutike a benefit of doubt even on other donations we hear he does give. It seems the man is interested in votes not the welfare of the people of Mongu. We are not saying it’s his duty to contribute K200 torwads the coffin but where it’s due I think K200 is too little for a Honorable Member of Parliament who resurfaced mysteriously from business circles in South Africa to represent the people of Mongu in Parliament.

The sad part is that Amutike failed to help the people during Easter time where people or Christians are bound to exchange love by sharing what they have with poor people. The K200 that we requested from the Hon. MP was not for drinking beer, but to help the family that lost a beloved one.

It was to help a family that failed even to take their beloved one who died to the mortuary because of lack of transport. It was to help the family that wanted to bury their beloved one after dying due to financial situation. It was to help send off the person who voted for him as Mongu Central Constituency MP. I am surprised that Hon. Oliver Amutike’s conscience is free even after he failed to help the poor dead electorate.

He has never even bothered to call me to ask if we managed to get a coffin and bury. He is silent inside his room in Mongu enjoying Parliament allowances. It is okey for him since people have voted for him already but he should not forget that his coming from South Africa just to contest for elections still has many questions, and this story confirms how genuinely he is connected to the people of Mongu.

By Mutompehi Munyinda Munukayumbwa
Barotseland political activist

Email: [email protected]
Phone number:+260975 384328


  1. But why could you not just give them the K200 yourself if it’s a little money? In the villages where I come from, they make coffins out of trees and will always bury by the next day. I am told in olden days if one died in the morning they would bury by end of day. This business of waiting for o mourn came with mortuaries in towns and the need to have a decent coffin paid for by well-wishers.
    Why is the author assuming that the local political leadership must have money to assist bury the dead in their communities even if they are not their relatives? I would understand if he had gone to the local social welfare department for help, why the civic leaders?

  2. Useless author ! Show the bereaved charity organizations instead of writing rubbish on social media after all the MP is just like them

  3. Zambian Funeral traditions are too expensive! You have to feed hungry mourners, you have to hire transport for mourners, you have to buy an expensive coffin, print t-shirts, buy flowers etc. After burial, the bereaved family has to provide more food for the so called mourners. These are heavy burdens on poor families! Are these traditions even biblical?
    No wonder Funeral Business is big business. I think I should consider opening a Funeral Parlor.
    Whether you are buried in a coffin or a Reed Mat doesn’t really matter! The decomposition is the same.
    Islamic and Indian funerals are cheaper and lighten the burden on bereaved families.
    Consider the plight of trees as well. There won’t be enough trees to make coffins for all of us without impacting our environment negatively!
    Not surprising that people now prefer to have private funeral programs with family members only in attendance.
    Our funeral traditions are not only vain but hypocritical as well.
    We spend colossal amounts on funerals instead of spending more on treatment while the person is sick and alive.
    The Mongu MP should not be demonized because he could not donate. Let the dead bury their own dead! We don’t serve a God of the dead. We serve a God of the living!

  4. These are the type of politicians and Upnd party the so-called Youths of Zambia voted for, hyporictes and tribalists! Western province is full of challenges of tribalism and ethinicity, so it’s not surprising that there are such sad happenings! There’s more to come, just wait!

  5. Such peaces of writing is normally given to the readers without confirmation. It is meant to damage somebody’s image for personal reasons. Before publishing, the writer should have solicited for the MP’s comment. There could be an established system where the Counselor who is closer to the people in his ward is the one the MP has mandated to solve problems in the ward. If the Counselor fails, it is the Counselor to lobby the MP. in every system, there is order. You can’t go to the counselor, get K 200 for a coffin and then go to the MP get K200 for the same coffin. Systems are put in place to avoid imposters. I can not see a UPND member of parliament behaving the way this writer has put it.

  6. I totally agree with the MP. How many people is he going to assist? Give away K200 today, tomorrow another family will ask, what about us? Next it will be a hundred families. No. An MP is not a charity. People have been used to this behaviour for too long and I am glad that someone has at last stood up against this emotional blackmail that Africans are so used to playing on people. He did not promise to pay your funeral expenses. If you cannot afford a coffin, bury your dead the way we always did in Africa, reed mat.


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