MONKS AND MOMAS THANK BALLY… As they shout “Zangena Zangena Zangena Nafuti”…



.., As they shout “Zangena Zangena Zangena Nafuti”…

Students from the University of Zambia (UNZA) have thanked Republican President Mr Hakainde Hichilema for resinstating their Meal Allowances.

The Republican President, after winning the 2021 general elections, gave back the Meal allowance to the Youthful intelligentsia, the students at UNZA. This is a fulfilment of yet another campaign promise that the UPND made to the students before forming government. The meal allowances were scrapped off by the previous brutal regime that never cared for the plight of students.

There was jubilation, dancing, and whistling using pots, spoons, and pans by Monks and Momas at UNZA, who shouted Zangena Zangena Zangena, meaning Money has entered.

Last night, it was a Momentous occasion for the Momas and Monks at UNZA who were spotted at the famous “Monk Square” cooking in big pots, shared meals together and sang songs of praises to BALLY for giving them back meal allowance which they received through their various banks. The students remembered the hunger they were subjected to when meal allowance were cut off by the Patriotic Front government. However, students now have a caring father who listened to their cries and has since honoured his campaign promise by giving students their meal allowance. Now, “Monks and Momas can afford 3 course Delicious and Healthy meals with T-Bone, Beef, Chicken and Fish, and the excitement was visible across the entire University, courtesy of the new dawn government.

Students gathered around a fire while others were seen on their windows chanting” Zangena Zangena Zangena”.

As late as 19:00hrs yesterday, students were spotted walking to East Park Mall were they flooded Shoprite as they spent their “Zangena Money” on foods and other assorted items causing congestion to the amusement of the Shoprite Tellers who had a tough time clearing big Yellow Plastics and Trollies filled with foods, coutersy of BALLY.

Outside Shoprite, other businesses such as Yango and Ulendo Taxies were waiting to move the students back to campus.

Ulendo and Yango Taxi operators benefited too as they provided transport services to the Monks and Momas and made money out of it. It is our resolve that the money has been retained in circulation in the process, making the Zambian economy better.

Some of the students spoken to bemoaned the hunger they faced when meal allowance was scrapped off. But now it is nice food, nice clothes and more money for academic use said one monk as his parents will not be troubled to send him money for upkeep, because BALLY had taken over the responsibility via Zangena.

Issued by:
Trevor Mwiinde
UPND Deputy National
Youth Chairman


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