George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt provincial Chairman

A man who issues out statements of threats to people is afraid of reasoning, and running away from a problem is not solving it at all. The best way to handle a problem is to first; face it, define it, solve it and graduate, then it will never come back.The first question the PF Government should ask themselves is, why would the people of Monze stand on the road side to boo the Head of State in humiliation? What is really the problem? As they say in medicine,” Accurate diagnosis is half the cure. Sometimes, when you begin to define a problem, you will find that it is actually a “cluster problem.” That is, it is a single large problem surrounded by several smaller problems. Most problems you deal with will be composed of several smaller problems.

The best approach to this type of situation is for the PF Government to determine the main problem and then define the individual parts of the problem separately. The PF Government must identify the core problem that must first be solved and then deal with the smaller problems in order. Sometimes solving one part of the problem leads to the resolution of the entire situation.

One man said,”Where there is no problem, there is no solution and where there is no solution there is no problem.” Issuing out statements of threats to the people is creating another problem. We are sad to notice that the PF Government can not pick up a lesson from the booing of the Head of State. “That booing made the public feel better. Iam sure the booers said to themselves, “At least he had to listen to the fact that we are unhappy.” Booing a President who has fallen out of the peoples’ favor is not a new phenomenon in Zambia. It has always been there. The PF must know that soon and very soon the booing will go like bush fire if they do not meet peoples expectations. Copperbelt has such plans too. The PF Government currently has no stronghold to boast about. I challenge the PF to show us their stronghold where they can gun more than 50% of the votes?

We are not going to allow the PF to create no go areas for the opposition.


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