More Exhibit Money Stolen!

Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
More Exhibit Money Stolen!

A physical inspection of the exhibits office and review of exhibits register conducted on 28th March, 2023 also revealed the following:

Exhibit funds in amounts totalling K11,360,000 was not accounted for in that there were either no records in the register or the exhibits were not returned to the exhibit office. See table 3 below:

Inquiries from the acting exhibits officer revealed that there was no formal handover from the former exhibits officer to the current office holder as she was just directed to take over the office and no signed handover certificates were availed for audit.

There is no documented internal control on how frequent the exhibits office should be inspected including cash counting of exhibit funds deposited with the office

The serial numbers of the K1,000,000,000 evidence funds were not recorded in the exhibit register being in relation to an active case

Physical Cash count of the exhibit funds in amounts totalling K55,084 deposited to the exhibit office had started getting soiled with some notes developing fungai due to lack of ventilation in the evidence strong room.

In this regard, the Commission had not come up with a measure to preserve the exhibit money from getting soiled and in light of preserving the evidence and the money was utilised.

The Commission had not sought legal guidance from the office of the Attorney General on how the evidence funds could be preserved in light of the soiling and owing to the originality attached to evidence admissibility in the Court and prolonged investigation of matters.


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