Sikaile Sikaile


To people with low thinking capacity, whenever I voice out for this nation under oppression, they always think I have been hired to speak on behalf of HH and UPND or any other political organization.

I am not that gullible because this is my only motherland that needs to be defended against those who want to destroy it.

I don’t need to be paid in order to save Zambia’s dying democracy.

Of course, as a patriot of Zambia, it is my responsibility to educate citizens on the importance of good decision making so that their tomorrow can not be in a mess like it is now.

My job is to educate citizens to vote for any political participant in this country irrespective of their regions or tribes but based on one’s capabilities to foster national development to all provinces without discriminating others.

The country needs leaders with a record of success even at personal level. So, if HH, CK, Milupi, Siwale, Lukaku, M’membe, Kalaba, Kabimba and Nawakwi; if any of these Zambians show the capacity to govern us well; vote for them based on their capabilities and not tribe.

How do you expect me to develop the entire Zambia when at personal level I lamentably failed to make it even raising ten village chickens or proving that I am a lawyer?

If one has been successful in their private life, what would stop him or her do great in public life? absolute nothing.

My warning goes to all politicians in this country, whether in the ruling or opposition. Be reminded that when you are in office, formulate rules and laws that when you leave office you won’t be affected if the same rules are to be implemented on you.

I say so because some of you our politicians today, had a great chance to stop what Edgar Lungu and PF are doing to innocent Zambians.

Some of you had that great opportunity and influence God had given you to install something good that would have benefited all Zambians.

Simply because at some point you did not do the right thing, now here we are dancing to the same song as oppressed people. Even those in PF who have ganged up together to fight Zambians by implementing bad laws, such as Bill 10, one day they will cry to this song by the same rules and laws they feel are great now.

Support laws that you would wish to be applied on you even when you leave office without feeling ill-treated by those who shall take over power.

President Edgar Lungu and his corrupt PF government need to rest; it’s the only way normalcy will be restored in this country because he (Lungu) has captured all arms of government.

Our politicians and all those serving in public and private institutions, learn the importance of doing the right thing when you have instruments of power on your table so that when you no longer have the privilege of serving in that position, you will have nothing to be afraid of.

The sad reality is that most African leaders have a poor memory like that of a chicken. They don’t learn from their predecessors. The moment one become an abuser of authority, that person should know that someone is watching.

When you ascend to power or authority, don’t forget that your next door readily available for you is the exit door.

The question is what type of life are you going to live outside that privilege you did not use wisely when in power?

Zambians, we are in trouble. The only way to kick out PF is to rally all opposition parties and the majority Zambians for a common purpose of liberating Zambia once again. Failure to do that, then we are all doomed.

Even UPND should not be living in a dreamland because PF have said it right on Zambians’ faces through their Secretary General Davies Mwila and other senior officials that they are not ready to give out power, even if they lose. They will not surrender power just like Edgar Lungu did in 2016. The scenario is about to repeat itself if we don’t act quickly as citizens.

Not even our brothers and sisters in uniforms have an understanding of this ploy ahead of us. Most people in all key arms of government have been compromised. This is why I have been encouraging Zambians to pray for our comrades in security wings to have extra Wisdom from God.

Sikaile Sikaile

Good Governance and Human Rights Activist


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