Mother of Navalny still looking for his body

Navalny, The Award-Winning Film Documenting a Life and Possible Tragedy

Alexei Navalny’s friends and family, including his mother, are in a faraway Russian town called Salekhard today. They are not too far from the Arctic prison where he passed away.

They are trying to find his body, but his spokeswoman says they are having a hard time.

Kira Yarmysh posted on X.

His lawyer tried to go into the building where the dead bodies are kept, but the workers there made him leave. They wouldn’t tell him where the body was.

She says Russian officials have told lawyers that they are continuing to look into his death for a longer time.

Yarmysh says that they are dishonest and only care about themselves, and they don’t even try to hide it.


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