MP Given Katuta remains defiant

Given Katuta

Luapula’s Chiengi Member of Parliament Given Katuta has remained defiant following her release from police detention on bond after being arrested on allegations of assaulting a photo journalist Contrary to Section 247 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Ms. Katuta was released after meeting bond conditions late on Tuesday.

Times of Zambia journalist Henry Chunza aged 41 of Minestone Ng’ombe Compound alleges that whilst on duty at parliament premises, he was commonly assaulted by Ms. Katuta as he took photos of her after she was suspended in Parliament recently.

Ms. Katuta is accused of screaming at Chunza, spitting in his face and manhandling him with the help of other Members of Parliament.

Speaking after her release from custody, Ms. Katuta described her detention as political and vowed that she won’t be silenced.

“Thank you so much for your support my followers and to those I have seen insulting me, I also thank you for the insults. And those insults have become my lotion. You can insult me; call me names because I am not the first one to be called those names. Archbishop Alick Banda was called names, Bishop Banda from the Pentecost was also insulted, and Apostle (Sunday) Sinyangwe was insulted. You can insult me, you can judge me. You can still call me anything but I will still hold on to my God,” she said in a video on her facebook page.

The Independent MP said she is being judged by the opinion of many UPND followers even before the case goes to court.

“This war is not about me and I have seen everything. Those insulting you are making me popular and people are asking who is this Given. We cannot be silenced even if they have me arrested. I mean convict me for five years, it is OK. Chiengi Constituency is not only the platform where I can voice out. Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years but his voice never died,” Ms. Katuta said.

She continued:”There will be some people who will be saying there was a woman who was incarcerated, who was judged by the opinion of many UPND followers who went to the media houses to write things about her. Even the MISA, everyone was writing about me but it is well with my soul. So for your information I have learnt a lot from my incarceration. I have discovered that we have 31 people that have not been taken to court since February. What kind of justice is that in our country? I am very blessed and I feel honoured that at least I am part of this nation.”


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