MPEZENI, NGONI CHIEFS DESCEND ON LUSAKA TO INFLUENCE PF ADOPTIONS…as PF ‘discriminates’ against unsupportive chiefs in vehicle distributions

Ngoni chiefs from Eastern Province have descended on Lusaka to lobby for candidates they want adopted in Eastern Province.

Well placed sources have told Daily Revelation, that paramount chief of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province, Mpezeni along side his junior chiefs Madzimawe and Nzamane are in Lusaka right now seeking to influence the adoption of candidates.

“Of course former president Rupiah Banda is there in Eastern Province, but the Ngoni chiefs are here too. They have become full time campaign managers for the ruling PF lobbying for the candidates they want adopted. Mpezeni is here, Madzimawe and Nzamane too,” sources said. “Like in Luangeni, Mpezeni wants Moses Moyo, Chipata-Central he wants Zindaba Soko, and they seem to have agreed on Vincent Mwale in Chipangali. They seem to have convinced the gentleman, Nkhoma he has been fighting with to stand as mayor.”

Sources said one of Mpezeni’s chiefs has been given money by the PF, and has been visiting chiefs palaces, who have been calling village headmen to tell the people against voting for “a Tonga.”

Sources said senior chief Nzamane is viewed to be in the middle, while the Mpezeni and Madzimawe are fully sold out on President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party.

The sources said chiefs not seen to be fully sold out to the ruling party have been left out on receiving vehicles, including Nzamane, Maguya, Saili and Munukwa among others, while Mpezeni and Madzimawe have received theirs.

“This is where the difference comes in when compared to late president Levy Mwanawasa, who when vehicles were bought he distributed to chiefs whether they supported him or did not support him,” said the sources.

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