Chief Mpezeni
Chief Mpezeni

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has hailed government for building him a palace.
Speaking through Chief Madzimawe during his 38th Anniversary on the throne, Mpezeni said he was thankful to government for the palace.

He told Infrastructure and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale, who represented the head of state, to inform President Lungu that the Ngonis are happy with government’s gesture to build a palace for the Paramount Chief.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni said government had respected him by building him a palace.

He said government has built palaces for chiefs in various places.
Paramount chief Mpezeni said he was happy with the good works that government is doing.

And President Lungu, who was represented by Mr Mwale, said government recognizes the role that the Paramount Chief plays in the promotion of peace and stability in the country.

He said Paramount Chief Mpezeni worked well with all the governments from KK to President Lungu.
Chipata Diocese Bishop George Lungu said traditional leaders should not be taking political sides.
Bishop Lungu said traditional leaders should embrace all the people.

He also appealed to ECZ to play a level playing field for all politicians.
Bishop Lungu said people should make their own decisions when it comes to voting.


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