Mpondela bars Defence Force Athletic Clubs officials from polls


Mpondela bars Defence Force Athletic Clubs officials from polls

IN a bid to perpetuate his stay at the helm of Zambia Athletics, long standing leader Elias Mpondela has barred officials from the Defence Force including, Zambia National Service and Zambia Air Force from participating in Lusaka Provincial elections slated for tomorrow.

By preventing officials he believes are against his protracted rule, Mpondela hopes to install friendly officials who will in turn vote for him to extend his 25-year rule as ZA president.


  1. Mpondela is a power hungry monger. And we as Zambians have too long watches this man fight people like Matete who have ideas to further sport. What has Mpondela done other than further his own personal stature? Enough already. If the defence officials qualify and are affliates of the Sports body, who is Mpondela to deny them? Are we saying we have a caveat to prevent people or soldier from participation in social actovities because they are soldiers? Its that another form of discrimination? Must make Mpondela a kind of “bigot”…Zambians exude love and sports is a expression of love. We dont need people that separate us or teachs us not to love…

  2. Honestly how can someone be at the helm for 25 years. Is there no other zambian capable of running this organization? NSCZ must come up with a ruling limiting how many times someone can stand at elections of sports bodies in the country. No wonder we have stagnated in sports for last 25 years.

  3. Where is sports minister and NSCZ here? Can he intervene please? Elias has stayed at ZAAA longer than any of our presidents in power except for KK. Please chase him already!!! He even forced poor boy Patson Daka to have a farcical wedding with his ugly daughter against the boy’s will in Dubai!
    I hope the minister will for once stop politicking and bring some sense in sports. Kamanga and Mpondela have outlived their relevance.


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